Lesson plan:

Class :1
Subject : English

Topic : 
Crossing the road safely
Concepts : Leaning traffic signals for road crossing the road safely.

Learning out come :
Listens and learning about traffic signals,
Follow the traffic roles, Reads simple sight words,Associate pictures with words.

Teacher activity : 
Using with Proper TLM.
Motion ;Introduce the topic though pictures,songs, stories, discussion etc,,

Teaching activity :
The practice activity is based on the textual content with a motive to revice the text, Students do the activity as a whole class with the activity with help of the teacher.

Peer support activity :
Teacher can help the students thought simple explanation and model,
Each member shares their ideas in group.
Peer group activity with book exercises .

Individual activity :
Teacher or peer support can be given if needed,The students to complete the book activites, the teacher helps and facilitates.

Evaluation :
Choose questions accordingly to test the students, Using for teacher manual book.

The reinforcement activities ensure understanding of concepets to the slow learners.Using with work book

The enrichment activities for the above average students.Using with loop material.

Home work :