Std I
1.sauce 2.Halwa3.oil4.chips

II - Herbs- Tulsi, Shoe flower plant,
Creepers- Pumpkinn,Cucumber
Trees- Mango tree, Neem Tree

Std II
1.B r a v e2. 2,Cl e v e r 3.tall 4.small 5.Beautiful

II 1a 2.an 3.an 4.a 5 an

Grandparent, Granddaughter, Grandmother, Grandson, Grand Father,
Grand Mother Post man, Post bag, Post card, Post office

Std IV
I . 1.Grocery Shop 2.round 3. countless  4.on a no  moon night 5. in counting stars ,he forgot the errand
II . 1.Sail 2.bark,3.fly 4.ring 5.chirp

Std V .
I - One who lives next door’2. brush teeth twice a day’3. chew it slowly
4. Somu     ‘5. All the above
II . 1.Wake up
2. Brush my teeth
3.Take bath
4.Have Breakfast
5. Go to School

Std VI
I.             1.She is not getting ready 2. . to attend a birthday party3. He gave him a nice gift last year 4. on the table 5. To make the occasions memorable
    II . 1.Route 2.berth 3.rise 4.known 5.cell

I.                   1. Month 2.she had an injury in her ankle3. Because her friends helped her 4. She hurt her arm5. The importance of friendship

II.       1. aren’t I 2 won’t you 3. hasn’t he 4. doesn’t he 5. shall we

I . 1 He was arrested by mistake 2. He was found innocent later
3. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ 4. The acquitted knew the pain of birds in captivity and empathised with them 5. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

          II . 1 lay 2. lived 3. has ,struck 4. had gone 5.    is writing     

Std IX
1. were the promise for a better future,2. doing all the above and much more 3. Science and Humanism are equally important4. a supernatural power of God 5. a person having varied interests and abilities
     II      1. Kiran asked me whether I had seen the Cricket match on television the last night.
              2. David told Anna that Mona would leave for her native place the next day
 3. I asked him why he had been working so hard.
4 . He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.5. He exclaimed that it was a very cold day.

Std  X
I . 1. vessel  2. flowers 3. to get sunlight for the plant 4. get nutrients to grow
5. huge
II . 1. continuously 2. canvassed 3. hard work 4. Continuous effort 5. starting